Daily archives "August 15, 2014"

Random act of incredible generosity

Gramma Lou came to visit last weekend.  Our usual activity is to go to breakfast on Sunday. So we did! And it was delicious. It is also not uncommon for people in restaurants to comment on Bean and Bear. How well behaved they are, what good eaters they are, and really how cute Bear’s smile is with her few teeth. After we had finished eating, and Bean had finished deconstructing a breakfast burrito (she actually does eat a considerable amount, just in a very interesting sequence), Bean and I went to wash our hands. When we returned to the table, Gramma Lou asked how much I thought our meal had cost. “No idea, we can ask the server for the check”, I replied. “No”, Gramma Lou said, “there is no check”. I was confused. While we had gone to wash up, the server had told my mom that our meal had been taken care of by someone else. I imagine I looked shocked. We gave the server a tip, she reassured me that our meal had been paid for, and we left. As we walked out, I was overwhelmed by this very small act of generosity. I even tear up a bit. Thank you to whoever out in the universe gave us the gift of a free meal. We will pay it forward.