Daily archives "July 31, 2014"

The Challenges of Single Parenting

This week has been particularly difficult. Normally, we are a 2 parent household with shared responsibilities. However, the Daddy has to be away for work. Of course, it always happens that when Daddy is away, one or both kids come down with viral yuck. Poor little Bear. She has had a fever on and off all week. On Monday, I only worked half a day. Luckily, we have an awesome auntie who comes through in a pinch, so Bear spent Tuesday with her. This was very upsetting to Bean, who also wanted to stay with auntie. And she didn’t want to wear HER bathing suit for swimming, she wanted to wear the extra one at school. And she didn’t want to put her shoes on… Cue major tantrum:

Right. So that’s probably a little bit how I looked when I decided to join the tantrum instead of putting on my big girl mommy pants. Oh well, parent fail for the day. All in all, it was a learning experience (like, sometimes it’s better not to join ’em!). And poor little Bear goes back to auntie’s house tomorrow because her fever has returned. Sigh.